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“For your sister who scorned all the people who came down to Occupy Wall Street hoping to see Thom Yorke, a pocket-sized guide for revolution: Beautiful Trouble … “

The Airship

What People Are Saying…

From academics to street artists, from unions to the UN, our dynamic training corps is offering groups and individuals new tools to dramatically reframe the way they go about making social change.

“The training opened up new possibilities for us. As a result, we’re now developing a new model for our planning that incorporates Beautiful Trouble theories, and we’re making more room for creative action planning so that it becomes part of our practice. Our organizers still refer to it as ‘that beautiful training’.

—Martin Manteca, Lead Organizer, SEIU Local 721, Los Angeles

“Beautiful Trouble is a very valuable resource for any organization. The training was well facilitated and full of useful ideas. Most importantly, it raised the right questions and gave us a good framework to continue working through them on our own.

—Canyon Woodward, Divest Harvard

Fantastic! Incredibly practical information delivered in a fun way. Great opportunity to brainstorm on live campaigns and get fresh ideas from creative people.”

—Claudia Balog, Senior Researcher SEIU 1199

My brain — and also my heart — were engaged the whole time! The training team was so encouraging, organized and enthusiastic; it felt like three fantastic workshops in one. (Also: Andrew Boyd and Jacques Servin signed my copy of Beautiful Trouble!)”

—Camille Collazo, Founder of Rico, Puerto Rico’s Sustainable Agritourism Project

“The Beautiful Trouble workshop created a solid base for everyone to build off of and dream together. Social change requires struggle, but I hadn’t realized how full of love and beauty that struggle can be. We can’t lose that positive focus.”

—Garrett O’Connor, labor activist at large, NYC