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” … a useful and impressive compendium of decades of distilled practical knowledge.”

Justin Jacoby Smith, Red Pepper

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Sam Corbin - NYC Creative Action Training

Lead Trainer Samantha Corbin digging into strategy at the February 2014 NYC Creative Action Training.

We are troublemakers. Rebel rousers. Jesters. Pranksters. Creative geniuses. Campaigners. Movement strategists. Educators. Feisty activists. Role models (on occasion). Trainers.

We are a network of seasoned trainers with a passion for strengthening the skills and tools our many movements use to change the world.

The Beautiful Trouble Training Network emerged in 2013 after the publication of Beautiful Trouble: A Toolbox for Revolution, to offer skills-oriented trainings in the tools, tactics and principles of effective creative action highlighted in the book, and help orgs and individuals apply them to real-life situations and current campaign needs.

Group Shot - NYC Creative Action Training

Beautiful Trouble Trainers Nadine Bloch, Gan Golan, Samantha Corbin, Andrew Boyd, and participants of the two day, NYC Creative Action Training.

Our trainings have ranged from a quick 2-hour intro to creative tactics for global youth leaders, to a full day of hands-on campaign development with LA union organizers engaged in fast food workers strikes, to a 5-day strategic intensive for climate activists and artists in Eastern & Central Europe. (See a list of our past and upcoming trainings.)

Our training team in the US and Europe stands at the ready to take on requests from movements, organizations, unions, and schools. We have a core curriculum, though each training is customized to fit the particular interests and needs of the client / host organization.

Lead Trainers Hector Flores and Diana Pei Wu close out a two day training for 50+ members of LA SEIU 721, September 2013

Lead Trainers Hector Flores and Diana Pei Wu close out a two day training for 50+ members of LA SEIU 721, September 2013

We come from different movements but have a common interest in social and environmental justice. In ending oppression and ensuring equality. In seeing real campaign wins and seismic global shifts. And in having fun creating change.

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