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“Should be required reading in every classroom.”

Judith Malina, founder of Living Theater

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Beautiful Trouble is, by design, an evolving project. Not all the tactics, principles, theories and case studies we’ve identified as important have been written up yet. We welcome your help suggesting or submitting drafts of new modules, or helping to complete unfinished ones. To view the templates visit http://trb.la/writeyourown.

We’re also looking for your suggestions for the Beautiful Solutions online gallery, as well as for the Global South toolbox being compiled by Beautiful Rising.

Be warned, though: we insist on succinct, engagingly written and constructive elaborations of key movement ideas. If you are allergic to collaborative editorial engagement and a strict adherence to word limits, maybe this isn’t for you.

That said, we’ve found the process of formulating and drafting entries to be extremely instructive, whether or not the modules themselves actually saw the light of day.

To learn more, email us at getintouch at beautifultrouble dot org.

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Bring Beautiful Trouble to your organization, campus or community!

The grassroots organizers, artists and strategists who wrote Beautiful Trouble are now available for a hands-on training. Our dynamic Beautiful Trouble Training Network offers skilled trainings in the tools, tactics and principles of effective creative activism — with every training uniquely customized to fit the needs of your group!

Now  years old, BT’s training program has conducted over 20 trainings, and served a range of movements: our LA training with SEIU helped bring a new creative edge to the fight for fast food worker rights; our NYC training gave voice to the grassroots wave that ushered mayor DeBlasio into office; and our 5-day creative action intensive with 350.org in Budapest has helped the emerging global climate justice movement.

Beautiful Trouble is also shaking the pillars of academia, being used in colleges and universities across the country. It’s been assigned for courses as varied as media studies, political science, community arts, popular education, and democracy studies. If you are a professor considering using Beautiful Trouble in your classroom, please ask us for a complimentary copy.

We’ll also come to you! Our presentations are customized to fit the needs of your classroom and campus, making them the ideal resource for professors looking to spice up their classroom or any student group seeking more tools for their toolbox.

Check out our Trainings Offered page, or make a Training Request.

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We wrote Beautiful Trouble to help folks change the world, so we’re eager to get it into as many people’s hands as possible, including making it available at a bulk discount to organizations, trainers, trainees, funders, teachers and students.

Several foundations and organizations have already caught on. 99% Spring gave copies to many of their trainers. Greenpeace Canada ordered copies for their staff, SEIU bought 50 pocket editions for a major training, and ActionAid bought 100 copies for their trainers around the world. And the list goes on.

If you would like a discount on a bulk order of Beautiful Trouble, please contact us at getintouch at beautifultrouble dot org.

Give a copy to an activist in need

Click “gift edition” to buy an original edition of Beautiful Trouble, which we’ll then give to a deserving revolutionary on a tight budget. All gift copies of Beautiful Trouble purchased by our supporters will be distributed to frontline activists in our Beautiful Rising workshops in the global south, to deserving artists and campaigners in our training program, and to activist resource centers and libraries.

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Use your public library as an ally to get BT into the hands of those who may not be able to afford a copy.  Most libraries are more than happy to order a book if a patron suggests it — so suggest it! Several libraries have already ordered copies, but how amazing would it be to have Beautiful Trouble in public libraries everywhere! Just give your librarian a link our website or our page on Amazon.

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It takes time & trouble (aka MONEY) to bring a book into the world, get it into the hands of people at the frontlines of change, and then — by turning that book into a website and training tools and an ongoing community of collaborating practitioners — make it the most effective resource it can be.

If you think we’re doing a great job and want to help us continue, please help us out with MONEY:

If you’re a…

  1. foundation: drop us a line at getintouch at beautifultrouble dot org, and we can share a proposal for our next phase of work.
  2. generous individual: please send a check to: Beautiful Trouble, PO Box 189, Tivoli, NY, 12583

You can also help us out by buying a book and helping to spread the word.

Thank you!