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“Know-how accumulated over decades is presented in a simple and practical form, ensuring that Beautiful Trouble could serve as a bridge between generations … “

Julia Ramírez Blanco, Re-visones

Academic Community

We’ll soon be creating a simple listserv and forum where professors can post and discuss their best tips and tricks for using Beautiful Trouble. In the meantime, here are the professors who we know are currently using the book in their classrooms:

(If you’re using the book but don’t see your name below, please let us know!)

Jacques Servin (aka Andy Bichlbaum) of the Yes Men, Performance Studies, NYU. (Course: “Hacktivism“, Fall 2012 & Spring 2104)

Alison Bodkin, Assistant Professor, Communication Studies, James Madison University. (Course: “Communication and Social Movements”, Fall 2012)

Larry Bogad, Associate Professor of Theatre & Dance, UC Davis. (Course: “Tactical Performance”)

David Cunningham, Professor and Chair of Sociology, Brandeis University. (Course: “Social Movements”, Spring 2014)

Sam Diener, Visiting Professor of Peace Studies, Clark University. (Course: “Peace Studies Seminar: Abolition of Violence” – Spring 2015)

Stephen Duncombe, Associate Professor of Media and Culture, Gallatin, NYU.

Janice Fine, Assistant Professor, School of Management & Labor, Rutgers. (Course: “Organizing for Social Change“, Spring 2014)

John Foran, Professor of Sociology, UC Santa Barbara. (Course: “Activism”, Spring 2014)

Marshall Ganz, Senior Lecturer in Public Policy, Kennedy School of Gov’t, Harvard.

Michele Hardesty, Assistant Professor of U.S. Literature, Hampshire College.

Douglas Johnson, Faculty Director of the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, Kennedy School of Gov’t, Harvard.

Renae Keep, Part-time instructor, Humanities Faculty, De Anza College. (Course: “Arts, Ideas, and Values”, Spring 2014)

Mark Lipton, Associate Professor, University of Guelph.

Targol Mesbah, Adjunct Associate Professor, Anthropology and Social Change, California Institute of Integral Studies.

Ian Reilly, Assistant Professor, Communications Studies, Concordia University.

Allison Stagg, Teaching Fellow, Brandeis University.

Jeremy Varon, Historical Studies Department Chair, Associate Professor of History, New School University. (Course: “Utopia” – Spring 2013, “The Utopian Imagination” – Spring 2015)

Contact classroom@beautifultrouble.org if you are interested in bringing Beautiful Trouble to your classroom.