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“Amongst the best was Andrew Boyd’s compendium-like Beautiful Trouble which brought together some of the most imaginative elements of a movement influenced by a mix of non-violent direct action and the public drama of situationism.”

Mark Perryman, The Substantive

Jodie Evans

Jodie Evans has been a peace, environmental, women’s rights and social justice activist for forty years. She has traveled to war zones, promoting and learning about peaceful resolution to conflict. She served in the administration of California Governor Jerry Brown and ran his presidential campaigns. She published two books, Stop the Next War Now and Twilight of Empire, and produced several documentary films, including the Oscar and Emmy-nominated “The Most Dangerous Man in America” and “The People Speak.” Jodie co-founded CODEPINK: Women for Peace, is the board chair of Women’s Media Center and sits on many other boards, including Rainforest Action Network, Institute for Policy Studies, and Drug Policy Alliance.

Contributed Modules

Principle: Bring the issue home

Contributed by and
May 28, 2012

Creative activists can make an otherwise abstract, far-away issue relevant by making it personal, visceral and local.